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Virtual Reality Changing Your World.

Virtual Reality has been promised for decades but it has advanced rapidly in the past few years.

Aidan Wollner
Wednesday 5th December 2018

Virtual Reality Changing Your World.
Virtual Reality Changing Your World.

It is an immersive technology that provides users with a very real three dimensional experience. More recently VR has started to deliver value and play a critical role in the success of AECO and homebuilder projects.

Immersive Technology

Experience full-scale design

2D drawings or 3D models are do not provide design and construction teams the opportunity to experience design concepts at full (1:1) scale. This can be difficult for architects and other consultants when presenting their ideas to owners and contractors. However, VR can remove that scale burden. VR can provide a full-scale 3D virtual environment which design and construction team can immerse themselves in and get the insights into the details and design of the project just like they would in the real world.

Design with freeform movements

Architects can also now design and manipulate models with a movement of their hand. Instead of using mouse and keyboard, VR Technology enables the use of motion-sensing devices like Leap Motion Controller or Oculus Rift Touch Controller to easily move objects, scale a model, change shapes, pan, zoom, or perform any other gesture-controlled function.

Create multiple design solutions

It is also possible to make modifications in the digital environment and create multiple design solutions. Users can instantly change out elements such as natural and artificial lighting conditions, materiality or furniture layouts to get the real glimpse of how their design will look like. This kind of interactivity allows clients to see every aspect of design quickly, providing a great tool for facilitating project representation and speeding up the design process.

Meet inside the model

VR also enhances the coordination of consultants designs and reduces the time to resolve clashes. Project teams can virtually walk through the models and discuss their ideas inside the headset. VR takes collaboration to the next level and helps to reduce risks, shorten project timelines and skipp rounds of rework.

For AEC firms who want to adopt the VR technology, there are many powerful VR development platforms for the AECO sector. Unreal Engine and Unity are widely used tools for VR development. Autodesk also develops engines for VR including 3Ds Max, Maya or Revit.

VR is still evolving but there is still a way to go. The potential for VR is enormous and those that begin implementing virtual reality into their projects have already begun to notice the benefits.

Away Digital can assist you in bring your next project to life in the digital virtual environment