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Archisoccer 2023/2024

We’re grateful to sponsor such a fun and social tournament, that takes the Architectural community away from the office for a few hours a week. Here’s a quick video capturing the thrilling moments on the field. We’re excited to see who ends up on top, and wish all teams luck in the rest of the 2023/2024 tournament. ⚽

What do you like about working at Away Digital?

Here’s a glimpse at what it's like to be part of the vibrant team at Away Digital! Estimator, Bao and Revit Architect, Khanh share their experiences working with us, and the warmth and willingness they feel in our team’s attitude to always lend a helping hand, making the work environment here truly special. We prioritise not only delivering exceptional results but also fostering a culture where our team feels valued, supported, and motivated.

Yan Lunch - Away Digital

Last week, in collaboration with Macquarie, Away Digital hosted a lunch with some of Melbourne's top Architecture practices and Engineering firms. It was a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing our friends again soon!

Team Profile - Hang Trinh, HR Manager

This week, we sat down with Hang Trinh, our amazing HR Manager at The Away Group.   As you know, culture plays a crucial role in our business and having the right leadership means that we can be confident in knowing that our staff is happy, safe and have the right support when needed.

FAQ's with Director, Aidan Wollner

During our onboarding process we find that a lot of businesses ask similar questions about how we operate. So for those curious about utilising our talented team on their projects, we sat down with Director, Aidan Wollner to shed light on some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Away Digital - 2023 Team Building Event

Our annual Team Building event was, once again, an amazing reminder of just how fortunate we are to have amassed such an incredible and talented team at Away Digital.

Team Profile - Ms. Van To, Executive Director of The Away Group, Vietnam.

Hear from Executive Director of The Away Group, Vietnam, Ms. Van To, on the importance of creating an environment that fosters learning, supporting, growing and challenging each other. Having been with us for seven years now, Ms. Van understands the importance of making sure each of our 400+ members feel as though they are part of our family.

A Day in the Life with Nghien

Ever wondered what a typical day looks like for our dedicated team members at Away Digital? Let us take you on a journey through a day in the life of To Nghien Luu, one of our Team Leaders.

How we work with you - Our Onboarding Process with Commercial Projects Manager, Dusan Balbi

The timing of resourcing in the architectural world is a balancing act. Nurturing local talent whilst sustaining profitability with the ebb and flow of project pipelines is an issue we hear all too often. In response to these challenges, and sensitive to maintaining the integrity of the established local teams - Away Digital have meticulously crafted an implementation program to integrate our resourcing service.

The value of Outsourcing with former Plus Architecture co-Founder and Director, Craig Yelland

"What value does Outsourcing bring to my company?" If you've asked this before then this video is definitely worth a watch. Plus Architecture co-Founder and Director, Craig Yelland, breaks down the best time any Architecture Firm should start looking for an outsourced team, what it means for your business and how firms have responded to taking on Away as their partner.

Changes in the NCC

Craig Yelland and Paul Fellows sit down to discuss the new changes being incorporated into the NCC 2022 to take effect May 1, 2023, and what it means for homebuilders going forward. The two big changes are: - Liveable Housing Standards - 7 star energy rating.

Who We Are - Away Digital

We're not just a collective of professionals but a large international family, working together internally and with our partners.

L'Hotel Gitan Meet and Greet

Thank you to L'Hotel Gitan for helping Away Digital host our friends last week. We are privileged to be working with some exceptionally talented people and having the opportunity to spend quality time with them is what makes what we do so special. A special mention to Waco Tao 陶醉 for those incredible crystal models, works of art and a permanent memory of the spectacular buildings our clients create.

Team Profile - Stuart Ferres

We're excited to share the first of our new Team Profile series featuring Stuart Ferres, one of our talented Production Managers at Away Digital. In this video, Stuart talks about his role, his passion for creating effective solutions for our clients, and what he loves about working with our team.

Away Digital - Wrap up 2022

We have had such an eventful year at Away Digital. Between our first opportunities to visit each other across the globe once again to growing our teams both in Australia and Vietnam, we have formed some very meaningful connections. As we wind down to the end of the year, we are reflecting on those connections and how grateful we are to have shared all these moments with each other, our families, clients, surrounding businesses and with you.

Focus on your own development within your business.

There is a long list of benefits for companies when choosing to outsource their work to an offshore team like Away Digital. What is not often contemplated is how it enables team members to focus their time on activities that will further their own development within the company. Sean Meikle, Head of Production, talks about his experience of working with us and how doing so enabled him to build his career from draftsperson to his current role.