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Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become a popular strategy for businesses of all sizes to achieve their objectives while maintaining a competitive edge.

Building an outsourcing team in Vietnam in sectors such as building, architecture and engineering can effectively keep costs low while still maintaining quality standards. Outsourcing non-core functions allows companies to focus on their core competencies, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Read on to discover the top 7 benefits of outsourcing:



Reducing Operational Costs:


With soaring overhead expenses and labour costs rising – including wages and employee benefits – Australian businesses are turning to outsourcing to reduce operating costs. Vietnam and Australia share an ambition to boost bilateral trade and investment to support both countries’ sustainable, inclusive economic growth. Both countries’ embassies have accelerated trade and investment levels until at least 2025.


The new economic strategy brings Australia and Vietnam’s burgeoning commercial ties into sharp focus. Key sectors in which Vietnam and Australia are uniquely matched to deepen trade include resources and energy; engineering; architecture; education, skills and training; building; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; manufacturing; tourism; science, technology and innovation and the digital economy. Outsourced services are up to 30% less expensive than in India and half the cost when compared to Eastern European countries. By outsourcing non-core functions, companies can avoid the expense of hiring and training employees, purchasing equipment and software, and maintaining infrastructure.


Benefits of Outsourcing


Access to Skilled Talent


There is a strong priority on learning to read, write and speak in English alongside engineering skills in Vietnam. Away Digital focuses on the provision of outsourced architecture and drafting services. Outsourcing enables Australian companies to access skilled talent without the expense and time required to hire and train employees here in Australia.


An Offshore Outsourcing provider will provide you with the ability to build an offshore team of full time contractors who work exclusively for your business. The benefit of this arrangement is you can work with an expert in recruiting and managing teams in Vietnam to build out additional capacity and capability in your business. The Outsourcing Provider takes care of everything and you simply have to allocate tasks to your team, manage the completion of those tasks and provide feedback on the quality of work.



Scalability and Growth


Outsourcing helps you grow and scale your company by allowing you to focus on your core business. You can invest in your core business while leveraging a lower-cost economy to complete the transactional, repetitive tasks that can be expensive and time-consuming to have completed in Australia.


The best way to make the most of outsourcing is to ensure you have clear, well-documented systems and processes within your business. This also helps find cost efficiencies, and capability and capacity improvements. For outsourced team members, it is vitally important they have clear processes to follow in order to successfully deliver their work. If you don’t have clear processes, then have the outsourced team create them as they learn the job and complete the training that you deliver them. This is also beneficial for businesses with seasonal or fluctuating demand when the Outsourcing providers can quickly adjust the number of resources allocated to a project, saving time and money for you.


Benefits of Outsourcing


Increased Efficiency


Outsourcing allows companies to scale their operations up or down quickly and efficiently. It also forces Australian businesses to properly build and document processes and systems. Outsourcing providers are experts in their fields, and they have established processes and procedures that enable them to work more efficiently. This can help businesses improve their productivity and reduce errors. Additionally, outsourcing providers can leverage technology and automation to further increase efficiency.


You might find that simply by working with an outsourcing provider you will start to find efficiencies through the process of integrating their services into your business. That’s because they do this time and time again. They’re experts in their space and have found the best process for managing their service offerings.



Save Time to Focus on Core Business Functions


Stop working IN your business, and start working ON your business. Outsourcing non-core functions allows businesses to focus on what they do well. This can help businesses improve their quality and competitiveness by dedicating more time and resources to areas that are critical to their success.


By outsourcing properly, documenting your processes and systemising your business you are taking steps to remove yourself from the day-to-day operations of the business and allowing yourself the time and mental bandwidth to work strategically on growing your business. Outsourcing allows businesses to save time by delegating non-core functions to experts. This frees up time for businesses to focus on their core competencies and strategic initiatives.


Benefits of Outsourcing


Leverage the Global Job Market


Outsourcing can help businesses expand into global markets by providing access to local expertise and resources, navigate local laws, regulations, and cultural differences, enabling you to access the global job market. Why confine your recruitment and selection to the local job market? Australia is experiencing skills shortages across many roles, and there is highly qualified, English-speaking and incredibly well-experienced talent available all over the world.


Benefits of Outsourcing


Triple Bottom Line


Last but certainly not least in the Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing. Outsourcing allows Australian businesses the opportunity to adopt more of a Corporate Social Responsibility approach to their environment. By providing job opportunities to people in developing countries, you are helping the people of those countries rise out of poverty, provide for their families and become true global citizens.

To learn more about how to integrate an outsourced team into your business and the benefits of outsourcing, Contact us today.

James Moussa
Friday 16th June 2023

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