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The Undeniable Advantages of BIM: Your Ultimate Competitive Edge 

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) are ever evolving and staying competitive is no walk in the park. To outshine your homebuilder, architect, and engineer competitors, you need an edge. Read on to explore what Building Information Modelling (BIM) provides, and how pairing it with the right support can elevate your game in the industry. 


Bim modelling 2


The Advantages of BIM 

BIM is a transformative technology that offers unique advantages, setting you apart from competitors: 

Comprehensive Project Insight:

BIM provides an in-depth, 360-degree view of a project. This holistic perspective helps you make informed decisions, minimising errors, and ensuring everything aligns with the design. 

Streamlined Collaboration:

BIM fosters seamless collaboration among all stakeholders. Architects, engineers, contractors, and clients can work together in real-time, facilitating efficient communication and problem-solving. 

Cost and Time Efficiency:

The accuracy of BIM minimises revisions and rework, saving both time and money. You can execute projects faster and within budget, making you a preferred choice for clients. 

Enhanced Visualisation:

BIM offers immersive 3D visualisations that allow clients to understand projects better. This fosters trust, as clients can see precisely what they will get. 

Performance Predictions:

BIM’s analytical capabilities enable you to predict a project’s performance. This means you can optimise designs for sustainability and efficiency, giving you a competitive advantage in environmentally conscious markets. 


BIM vs. Competitors 

Now, let’s explore how BIM stacks up against homebuilders, architects, and engineers without BIM capabilities: 

Detailed Planning:

Homebuilders may lack the depth of planning that BIM offers. Detailed, data-rich models and visualisations are a game-changer in securing clients and providing top-notch services. 

Design Quality:

Architects using BIM can deliver higher design quality, and engineers can optimise structural efficiency. This translates into better projects and happier clients. 

Reduced Errors:

BIM’s accuracy means fewer design errors. Homebuilders and architects without BIM may need costly revisions that can tarnish their reputation. 

Cost Control:

Engineers employing BIM can analyse structural and mechanical systems for cost savings. Homebuilders and architects could miss these opportunities. 

Sustainability Focus:

Engineers with BIM can better integrate sustainability elements. This is a significant selling point as clients seek eco-friendly design and construction.


Bim modelling


Partnering with Away Digital: 

 To harness the full potential of BIM, consider partnering with Away Digital’s expert team in Vietnam. Here’s why:

BIM Expertise 

Away Digital’s professionals are well-versed in BIM, ensuring you make the most of this technology.

Cost-Effective Support:

Outsourcing to Away Digital offers cost-effective solutions, allowing you to use BIM without the burden of high in-house costs.


Whether you have a small-scale project or a massive undertaking, Away Digital’s experts can accommodate your needs.

In the fiercely competitive world of AEC, a unique offering is your ticket to success. BIM’s transformative capabilities set you apart from homebuilders, architects, and engineers without this technology. With the right partner like Away Digital in Vietnam, you can amplify these advantages and provide superior services that give you the competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

Invest in BIM and collaborate with the experts at Away Digital, and your path to success will be built on a solid foundation of efficiency, quality, and innovation. Embrace BIM, and position yourself as a frontrunner in the world of architecture, engineering, and construction, ready to leave your competitors in the dust.

Want to learn more about utilising Away Digital’s services? Contact us today.


James Moussa
Tuesday 17th October 2023

The Undeniable Advantages of BIM: Your Ultimate Competitive Edge 
The Undeniable Advantages of BIM: Your Ultimate Competitive Edge 

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