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The Journey of Away Digital: Pioneering Outsourcing to Vietnam

At Away Digital, our story revolves around reshaping outsourcing practices and spearheading innovation in homebuilding, architectural and engineering projects. Our decision to establish Outsourcing to Vietnam operations was strategic, recognising the exceptional talent pool and untapped potential in the region.


outsourcing to vietnam


Venturing into Vietnam: A Strategic Move

Our expansion into Vietnam was a conscious choice to leverage the country’s skilled workforce, especially in the realm of construction documentation. We swiftly built a proficient team in Vietnam that has become pivotal in offering tailored solutions for projects of varying scales.


Expert Staff Redefining Outsourcing Dynamics

The expertise of our Vietnam-based team is unmatched. From intricate architectural designs to precise engineering, their proficiency spans across vital domains essential for successful construction ventures. This expertise ensures tailored solutions for projects, regardless of their size.


Catering to Diverse Homebuilding Needs

We pride ourselves on catering to a wide array of project requirements. Whether it’s comprehensive documentation, accurate drafting, or immersive visualisations, our proficient staff in Vietnam delivers quality outcomes across diverse project scopes.


Unveiling New Avenues: Transforming Outsourcing to Vietnam

Our journey has not just transformed us but has also reshaped the approach to homebuilding, architectural and engineering projects. At Away Digital, innovation and excellence drive every project we undertake, heralding a new era in construction outsourcing to Vietnam.


Trailblazers of Construction Outsourcing

Our journey at Away Digital has been a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our expert team in Vietnam continues to set new standards in outsourcing dynamics, elevating construction projects to unparalleled heights.


At Away Digital, we are trailblazers in offering comprehensive outsourcing solutions for the architecture, engineering, and homebuilding industries. With a legacy spanning over a decade, our expertise and commitment have cemented us as industry leaders.

We specialise in providing top-tier outsourcing services, including precise drafting, meticulous documentation, and immersive visualisations for diverse projects. Our adept team in Vietnam ensures exceptional quality and attention to detail in every project we undertake.

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James Moussa
Wednesday 6th December 2023

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