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“I think it’s a great opportunity to meet the team and understand how the Away Digital team and the office environment works.”

It’s always a pleasure having clients come into our Vietnam office to meet the team behind the screens and foster a more productive and meaningful relationship.

Matthew Smith, a Production Estimating Team Leader at Brighton Homes, spent a week with the team after working together for 5 years and had a great time getting to know everyone and offer up some one on one training.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to meet the team and understand how the Away Digital team and the office environment works.”

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Matthew Smith
Production Estimating Team Leader


The requirement for an external outsourcing partner was pivotal to us,

so we didn’t want to have a number of different groups. We wanted to actually understand who was in the industry, who had a solid basis. So the approach was made with Away to bring in their expertise into this field. It’s been a really good and productive process to actually understand, and now we’re getting really great traction and benefit out of the process.

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Chris Exner


There’s so many small businesses that don’t believe that

having amazing skilled people is actually financially viable or achievable. And there’s lots of different ways that you can actually achieve that outcome and get access to the right people. And you don’t have to be a conglomerate. You don’t have to be a massive corporation. We have got a grand total of six staff and we’re taking advantage of it. So it’s all out there.

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Sally Higgs
General Manager / Co-Owner

The Development Division of Porter Davis have been working with Away Digital since mid 2015.

The team at Away Digital have a comprehensive understanding of homebuilder requirements and construction methodologies.

Working with local team leaders – the one point of contact ensures efficient communication channels and highly accurate documentation.

They have consistently delivered accurate and timely documentation as well as great renders for our homes and projects divisions.

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Joseph Garrubba
Drafting Development | Design | Display Manager


By partnering with Away Digital, we were able to conveniently and quickly increase our project team capabilities, to deliver better project outcomes for us and our client.

Using an outsourced solution, there was a concern around quality control, however the documentation and modelling provided has been highly accurate and the team are clearly following a robust quality control process. Being able to provide direction either verbally or via mark-ups and then have confidence that he task will be done as requested and on time, means I can concentrate on another areas of the project.  This type of setup means I don’t need to micromanage.

The use of cloud based software enabled us to collaborate in person and in the cloud and that was further enhanced by effective communication between teams in Aus.

In addition to working with the Away Digital Australia team, we also visited and worked with the Away Digital team in Vietnam. The team is diverse and across all disciplines in the construction field.  Spending time in Vietnam helped me to experience first-hand the knowledge and capability of the delivery team and also the see the modern environment which has been created for the staff.

Away Digital is a professional company built on providing an honest, stable working environment for their staff and clients, which I believe is an old fashioned core value in making a great team.

We look forward to working with Away Digital on our upcoming projects.


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Rush Sipkes
BSA | Build


Having the Away Digital Team on board has definitely helped

with the ups and downs of our workflows. There was a lot of questions marks about utilising an external team but once we went over there and visited, met the team, figured out they were real people, not just people at the end of a screen. That everything just sort of fell into place and it made us feel like that they were more part of the team and I think they felt more part of our team as well.

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Anthony Haslam


The quality of Draftspeople that we’re getting in the Vietnam team is astounding

compared to what we would be starting with here on the level of understanding. And that’s due to the training that I’m sure that Away Digital are doing.

…we have been mutually handling the necessary changes to our format, to our drawings and everything else, and evolving the system to the point where we get nothing but praise from all our suppliers, all our trades, all our engineers, and who still to this day say the best set of drawings they’ve ever received.

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Mario Sumic
Drafting Manager

Gary and Team Away Digital,

Please convey our appreciation to the team for working over the weekend to meet our deadlines most appreciated – you guys are doing a fantastic job!

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Ben van Niekerk
Electrical Section Manager, Principal

Away Digital completes approximately 85% of our preliminary working drawing sets.

The local support team have been extremely engaged in the process of refining drafting standards, improving quality and increasing the efficiency of the team.

A close relationship with the local team has meant that job specific issues can be easily addressed as they arise, and a monthly Skype session has allowed us to address issues through an interactive dialogue with both the local and overseas team.

Delivery deadlines have always been met, and quality of work is maintained at all times. In fact, as a general rule, the in-house checking team would rather check a job drawn by Away Digital that one of our own people, because we know there’s already been a stringent checking process undertaken prior to us receiving plans. This is all in an environment where we no longer discriminate with respect to the projects that we send to Away Digital – every job from our easiest to our hardest project can now be sent to them, with full confidence that they will complete each project with equal success.

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Simeon Davidson
Senior Drafting Manager

Very responsive …

I have ALWAYS found Away Digital to be very responsive to my requests, many of which are at short notice. Nothing is too much trouble and the result is always first class.

Thanks for a great job and looking forward to many more successful collaborations in the future.

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Greg Neilson

Away Digital presents as a great option to outsource drafting projects when we encounter a sudden surplus of work and additional resourcing is not an option.

I’ve been working with Away Digital for a few projects now and can say to date, the team has been very adaptive to our project’s requirements. They have proven themselves in completing our projects utilising our drafting standards with a demonstrated eagerness to deliver all work within given deadlines whilst endeavouring to achieve accuracy in all aspects of the project from inception to completion.

I have been working closely with Away Digital’s senior team leader and can say that he has been putting in the time and effort to resolve all construction details and complete all of our drawings to the provided scope and project specifications. As with all drafting projects, there will always be alterations required to the drawings and thus far, the team at Away Digital have been very helpful with a demonstrated willingness to achieve our required final result.

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Raf Kosmalski
Design & Drafting Manager