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Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

Away Digital creates engaging and immersive experiences through Unreal Engine. With deep-rooted expertise in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) industries and gaming, our teams bring a world of creativity and technical expertise to your project.

Our team comprise of Architects, Engineers, BIM managers, Arch Viz experts, Software Developers and, you guessed it, Unreal Engine Wizards – all with global experience. Our extensive AEC and gaming knowledge ensures we can discuss your project at a technical level and then transform your designs into photo-real, interactive, data connected experiences.

A Seamless Fusion of Technology and Artistry

Conveying designs, especially large complex projects, to stakeholders can be time consuming and lead to confusion. With Unreal Engine's breath-taking capabilities, we turn architectural and engineering designs into lifelike realities, unveiling projects with stunning accuracy and captivating realism. Ensuring designs are communicated effectively, stakeholder engagement and understanding achieved and projects sold.