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3D Modelling / BIM

Away Digital’s BIM team has a clear and structured approach to information management and modelling.

Our approach is tailored depending on the role we are delivering on the project. If engaged as the BIM Manager, we ensure understanding of modelling requirements and data sharing protocols. Doing this work at the beginning of the project materially reduces the time spent when models are federated, coordination and clash detection performed and designs and information reviewed.

If engaged to model 3D information-rich models we meticulously model to LOD specified to ensure accuracy can often be large and highly complex projects. Identifying problems within the digital environment and in the cloud allows for our skilled team to assist project teams to identify and resolve any clashes before they become a costly problem in design on site.

Our systems have been created and developed by drawing on our team’s international tier 1 experience. We make our systems fully available or work closely with your systems and BIM standards to achieve the best outcomes for you.


3D Modelling / BIM