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Information Management for BIM

Documentation Delivery


Info Mgmt for BIM
Information Management for BIM

Our clear and structured approach to information management enables us to capture the right data and achieve your desired outcomes.

Information-rich models allow you to deliver a more efficient service, in less time and with greater accuracy, using digital processes and enhanced visualisation capabilities within the digital environment.

We work closely with our partners and their project stakeholders ensuring clear communication and effective collaboration. Our Digital Execution Plans clearly articulate project’s goals, modelling requirements and data sharing protocols in a manner understood and agreed to by all. Doing this work at the beginning of the project materially reduces the time spent when models are federated, and designs and information reviewed.

Documentation Delivery

Modelling and Documentation

We are renowned for delivering accurate and timely modelling and documentation services.

Our experienced team of multi-disciplined professionals understand that no two partners are the same and quickly learn your standards and processes. We then work with your project team leaders to develop and coordinate designs to completed construction documentation.

By leveraging cloud-based technology, our partners and their clients worldwide are fully engaged with a project at any time and at any stage of its development.

Gearing up or downsizing a team can be detrimental to staff moral and to the every day operations within an office, in busy and in quiet times. Partnering with Away Digital allows you to optimise your core team.

Coordination & Clash Detection

Using the latest technology and workflows, Away Digital can quickly and efficiently identify any potential problems in what can often be large and highly complex projects. Identifying problems within the digital environment and in the cloud allows for our skilled team to assist project teams to identify and resolve any clashes before they become a costly problem in design on site.

Our systems have been created and developed by drawing on our team’s international tier 1 experience. We make our systems fully available or work closely with your systems and BIM standards to achieve the best outcomes for you.

Estimating for Homebuilders

Our estimating team works closely with our homebuilder partners to deliver accurate estimates and quantity take offs. The estimating team has a comprehensive understanding of the homebuilder industry, construction, techniques, terminology, costs as well as being proficient in a number of the commonly used estimating software packages.

Working closely with your in-house teams and in accordance with your estimating process, the team will ensure you get to site faster and with the most accurate information at hand.


Visualising projects prior to construction can often be confusing and time consuming, causing undue delays and misunderstandings.

Using 3D artists can enhance visualisation during the design review process and optimise design, effectively communicating the look and feel of the project from the outset.

From a single render of a house to a large scale tower, we are able to create solutions using dynamo and python to drastically reduce your timeline.

You be the judge, check out some examples of our renders below.

“By partnering with Away Digital, we were able to conveniently and quickly increase our project team capabilities, to deliver better project outcomes for us and our client.

The documentation and modelling provided has been highly accurate and the team are clearly following a
robust quality control process.”