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Scaling Your Architectural Projects Smart with an Offshore Team

In the ever-evolving world of architecture, the ability to scale your team efficiently can be the difference between success and struggle. Let’s explore two scenarios, one where an architectural company decided to tackle a substantial project with an in-house team, and another that harnessed the power of an offshore team from Away Digital. The contrast is striking and provides valuable insights into how an offshore team can help you breathe with the market.


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Scenario One: The Internal Struggle

In the first scenario, an architectural company faced the daunting task of taking on a large-scale project. With confidence in their in-house team’s abilities, they decided to scale up by hiring additional staff. However, this decision came with a host of challenges.


1. High Costs:

Upscaling the team involved substantial costs. The company had to invest in hiring, onboarding, and internal training. The budget for the project took a considerable hit before any real work began.

2. HR Hassles:

Managing an expanded team introduced HR complexities. The firm had to navigate payroll, benefits, and compliance, taking time and resources away from their core architectural tasks.

3. Missed Deadlines:

Despite their best efforts, the firm struggled to meet project deadlines. The new team members needed time to adapt to the company’s processes, causing delays that frustrated both the team and the client.

4. Idle Workforce:

Upon project completion, the architectural company faced a new predicament โ€“ an overextended workforce with no immediate projects to work on. This idle time for the extended staff meant additional costs and reduced profitability.



Scenario Two: Agile Scalability with Away Digital

In contrast, the second scenario involves an architectural company that recognised the benefits of outsourcing to an offshore team, in this case, Away Digital. Their approach was markedly different and showcased the advantages of an offshore team.


1. Cost-Effective Scaling:

By partnering with Away Digital, the architectural company could quickly upscale for the big project without the significant upfront costs. They only had to pay for the services they needed, optimising their budget.

2. No HR Hassles:

The offshore team from Away Digital came pre-equipped with the required skills, eliminating the need for extensive internal training or HR management. The architectural firm could focus on architecture, not administrative tasks.

3. Meeting Deadlines:

The experienced offshore team seamlessly integrated into the company’s workflow, ensuring that project deadlines were met. Their expertise and dedication led to a satisfied client and a successful project.

4. Flexible Scaling:

Perhaps the most significant advantage was the ability to downscale when the project ended. The architectural firm didn’t have to worry about maintaining an idle workforce, reducing overall costs.


Scaling Smart with Offshore Teams

The scenarios presented here highlight the transformative impact of choosing an offshore team like the one offered by Away Digital. While scaling up for architectural projects is essential, it should be done efficiently to ensure cost-effectiveness, project success, and flexibility. By leveraging the services of an offshore team, architectural companies can find the perfect balance, breathing with the market’s demands and staying competitive in a dynamic industry.

The takeaway is clear: Smart scaling with offshore teams can transform your architectural projects, reduce overheads, and allow your firm to focus on what it does best โ€“ creating exceptional designs.

Consider partnering with Away Digital to harness the power of offshore teams and elevate your architectural projects. Your journey to efficient scalability begins here.

Contact us today to explore how an offshore team can enhance your architectural projects.

James Moussa
Thursday 26th October 2023

Scaling Your Architectural Projects Smart with an Offshore Team
Scaling Your Architectural Projects Smart with an Offshore Team

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