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Outsource Construction Drafting USA

We are specialists in delivering top-notch construction drawing services tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects. By placing your drafting needs in our capable hands, you will have the opportunity to leverage a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to creating precise and comprehensive construction drawings.

Our outsource construction drafting solutions go beyond geographical boundaries, providing you with offshore construction support that ensures timely and cost-effective project completion. With a focus on utilising the latest technologies and industry best practices, we guarantee high-quality results that adhere to international standards. By choosing to outsource construction drawing tasks to us, you can streamline your workflow, reduce overhead costs, and allocate resources more efficiently.

At the heart of our outsource construction drawing services is a commitment to delivering not just drawings, but comprehensive solutions that contribute to the success of your construction projects. Whether you are a small-scale contractor or a large construction firm, our devoted team is committed to meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.

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How we work - With Rothelowman


Senior Advisor, Craig Yelland, sits down with Principal, Chris Exner, to discuss the working relationship and it’s long standing successes to date with Architecture practice, Rothelowman.

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Your trusted project delivery partner

The knowledge, global experience and skills to help you successfully deliver your next project.

Away Digital’s architecture team is experienced and has worked with architecture firms across the globe.

We work closely alongside your designers and project teams typically from design development through to the finalised construction documentation stage to ensure accurate 3D modelling and documentation is delivered in accordance with your standards and project schedule.

Cloud based technology also enables us to collaborate more effectively than ever before. With live model sharing, project management tools and issue management tracking teams across the globe we can gain real time insights into project progress and can rest assured the project will be delivered on time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Leading Offshore Construction Support & Drafting Services

At Away Digital, we’re proud to be a hub of excellence when it comes to offshore construction support and services. Our expertise in providing top-tier construction drawing service s is outstanding, catering to clients globally with precision and professionalism.

Offshore Construction Support for Your Project Needs

At Away Digital, our offshore construction support services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry. Whether it’s complex infrastructural projects or residential developments, our team ensures every detail is meticulously planned and executed.

Expert Construction Drawing Service

Our construction drawing service stands out for its accuracy and attention to detail. We understand the importance of precise drawings in the construction process and deliver work that consistently meets the highest standards of quality.

Outsource Construction Estimating for Accurate Budgeting

With Away Digital, you can outsource construction estimating to ensure your project stays on budget. Our team of experts uses the latest tools and methodologies to provide detailed and accurate estimations, helping you make informed financial decisions.

Outsource Construction Drafting for Efficiency and Precision

Opt for our outsource construction drafting services to benefit from efficiency and precision. Our drafting experts are adept at turning your ideas into detailed plans, ensuring a smooth construction process from start to finish.

Outsourcing Construction Drawings Made Easy

Our services in outsourcing construction drawings combine speed with accuracy. We help you streamline your project workflow, providing detailed and clear drawings that are easy to interpret and implement.

Offshore Construction Services for Global Clients

Away Digital's offshore construction services cater to a global clientele, offering solutions that are adaptable to various international standards and practices. We bring global expertise to your local projects.

Offshore Construction Drafting: Quality and Expertise

Our offshore construction drafting services are designed to offer the best in quality and expertise. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to deliver drafts that are not only precise but also tailored to your project’s specific needs.

Building Your Vision into Reality with Away Digital

At Away Digital, we don't just offer services; we build partnerships that turn visionary projects into reality. Our commitment to excellence in offshore construction support and drafting services is unwavering, as we strive to exceed your expectations at every step. Join us in this journey of precision, innovation, and success, and experience the difference of a world-class partner in your construction endeavours. Connect with Away Digital today – where your construction dreams meet our expert solutions.

Explore Our Wide Range of Services

Outsource CAD Drafting

Discover precision and efficiency with our outsource CAD drafting services. At Away Digital, we cater to a diverse range of industries, delivering detailed CAD drafts that meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

Outsource Architectural Services

Our outsource architectural services offer comprehensive solutions for your architectural needs. From conceptual design to detailed architectural plans, our team ensures your visions are realised with professional expertise and creativity.

Outsource 3D Architectural Rendering

Transform your designs into lifelike visuals with our outsource 3D architectural rendering services. We provide high-quality, realistic renderings that enhance your presentations and aid in decision-making processes.

Outsource Architectural Visualisation

Elevate your project presentations with our outsource architectural visualisation services. Our skilled team creates stunning visualisations that capture the essence of your architectural designs, providing an immersive experience for clients and stakeholders.

Outsource Home Builders Drafting

Specialising in residential projects, our outsource home builders drafting services are tailored to meet the unique demands of home builders. We focus on delivering precise and detailed drafts that streamline the construction process.

Outsource 3D Rendering

Our outsource 3D rendering services are ideal for a variety of applications, from architectural to product design. We produce high-quality, detailed 3D renders that bring your concepts to life, providing a clear and engaging visual representation of your ideas.

What makes Away Digital's offshore construction support services unique?

Away Digital's offshore construction support services stand out due to our global expertise and commitment to precision. We provide comprehensive support tailored to the specific needs of each project, ensuring quality and efficiency in everything from planning to execution.

How does your construction drawing service benefit my project?

Our construction drawing service provides the foundation for successful project execution. By focusing on accuracy and detail, we ensure that every aspect of the construction process is clearly defined, reducing the potential for errors and streamlining the overall workflow.

Can Away Digital handle large-scale projects with its outsource construction drafting services?

Yes, Away Digital is well-equipped to handle large-scale projects. Our outsource construction drafting services are designed to manage complex and high-volume workloads, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality or accuracy.

What advantages do I get by outsourcing construction drawings to Away Digital?

Outsourcing construction drawings to Away Digital brings several advantages, including access to a team of experienced professionals, cost-effective solutions, and the use of advanced drafting technologies. This results in high-quality drawings that are essential for the accurate and efficient completion of your construction projects.