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Offshore Staffing vs. Onshore Hiring: The Cost and Productivity Comparison in Vietnam

The paradigm of staffing in the architectural industry is evolving rapidly, and with it comes a critical decision for firms – offshore staffing or onshore hiring? This decision weighs heavily on aspects such as cost-effectiveness and productivity. For UK-based Architecture firms, offshore staffing in Vietnam offers an intriguing alternative that warrants exploration.



Cost-Effectiveness at the Core

In an industry driven by creativity, innovation, and precision, the need for skilled architectural technicians is undeniable. However, the financial implications of onshore hiring can sometimes be daunting. Salaries, taxes, and overheads in the UK contribute to a significant portion of a firm’s expenses. This is where offshore staffing comes into play.

Vietnam, with its robust pool of highly qualified architectural professionals, presents an appealing solution. The cost of living and business operations in Vietnam is notably lower than that in the UK. As a result, outsourcing provides access to skilled talent at a fraction of the cost of onshore hiring.



Productivity Unleashed

Critics of outsourcing often raise concerns about productivity and communication challenges. However, modern communication tools and project management platforms have bridged this gap. Collaborating with offshore architectural technicians has become seamless and efficient, ensuring projects remain on track and aligned with clients’ expectations.

Furthermore, the time zone advantage between the UK and Vietnam allows for extended working hours, essentially enabling round-the-clock progress on projects. This unique dynamic enhances project turnaround times and accelerates overall productivity.



Quality without Compromise

One common misconception about offshore staffing is the potential compromise on quality. However, reputable offshore staffing partners like Away Digital in Vietnam prioritise quality control and collaboration. Rigorous recruitment processes ensure that architectural technicians possess the necessary skills and align with the firm’s standards. Regular communication and updates maintain transparency and ensure that projects meet and exceed expectations.



Balancing the Equation

Offshore staffing in Vietnam emerges as a strategic move for Architecture firms seeking a cost-effective yet productive staffing solution. By reallocating resources from excessive operational costs to core architectural activities, firms can unlock new levels of innovation and growth.

The choice between offshore staffing and onshore hiring is a significant one for Architecture firms in the UK. As the industry evolves, embracing offshore staffing presents an opportunity to drive cost-efficiency, elevate productivity, and maintain the highest standards of architectural excellence. Check out our eBook ‘Your Guide to Getting Outsourcing Right the First Time.‘ to learn more about taking your first step.

James Moussa
Tuesday 8th August 2023

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