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Navigating Project Volatility with Outsourcing Engineering

The engineering industry often experiences significant fluctuations in project volumes. Engineers frequently face the challenge of dealing with an erratic workload. Projects can range from small to massive, and managing staffing for such variability can be daunting. This blog explores the volatility of the engineering sector and how outsourcing engineering can be a strategic solution to maintain adaptability and sustainability in this dynamic environment.


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The Unpredictability of Engineering Projects

Engineering projects tend to come in waves. There are times when multiple projects demand concurrent attention, followed by quieter periods. These fluctuations present challenges for engineering firms, as it’s not always feasible to maintain a full-time staff that can quickly adjust to varying workloads.


Challenges of Hire-per-Job Staffing

Traditionally, many engineering firms have relied on a “hire-per-job” approach. They hire additional staff for specific projects, including engineers, drafters, and other technical experts. While this may seem logical, it’s inherently inefficient and costly. The process of recruiting, training, and integrating new employees for each project can lead to substantial overhead costs and operational inefficiencies.



The Role of Offshore Staffing in Engineering

This is where outsourcing engineering through offshore staffing solutions come into play. Offshore staffing allows engineering firms to maintain a core in-house team while having the flexibility to scale up or down as project demands fluctuate. The advantages of offshore staffing include:

1. Cost-Efficiency:

Engineering outsourcing through offshore staffing can often be more cost-effective than maintaining a constantly fluctuating in-house team. It allows firms to access skilled professionals without the expenses associated with hiring and training new employees for each project.


2. Scalability:

Offshore teams can be quickly adjusted to match project requirements. Whether you’re handling a single project or juggling multiple ones concurrently, you can access the right talent at the right time.


3. Expertise:

Outsourcing through offshore teams, such as those provided by Away Digital, often comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in engineering and drafting. This expertise ensures that projects are handled with precision and efficiency.


4. Consistency:

When you work with a reliable outsourcing engineering offshore staffing partner, you benefit from the consistency of a dedicated team. They become familiar with your projects, workflow, and expectations, leading to smoother project execution.


5. Streamlined HR Processes:

Engaging an offshore team for outsourcing engineering can help engineering firms avoid the HR challenges associated with the “hire-per-job” model. There’s no need for repeated recruitment, onboarding, and training processes.


Breathe with the Market: On-Demand Expertise

In the volatile world of engineering, where project sizes, complexities, and volumes can vary significantly, outsourcing engineering offers a dependable path to adaptability and financial efficiency. It empowers engineering firms to maintain a consistent core team while accessing expertise as needed. This balance optimises efficiency and financial stability, making outsourcing engineering through offshore staffing a valuable strategy.



Leveraging Offshore Staffing for Outsourcing Engineering Success

Outsourcing engineering through offshore staffing solutions provide a practical answer to the unpredictable nature of engineering projects. They enable engineering firms to maintain a stable in-house team while accessing on-demand expertise. In an industry that constantly experiences ups and downs, outsourcing engineering through offshore staffing offers a cost-efficient way to manage project variability and ensure quality results.

Contact us to explore how outsourcing engineering with Away Digital can help your engineering firm efficiently navigate the ebb and flow of project volumes while maintaining cost-efficiency and excellence.

James Moussa
Friday 3rd November 2023

Navigating Project Volatility with Outsourcing Engineering
Navigating Project Volatility with Outsourcing Engineering

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