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Case Study: with i2C Architects

Established in 1999, i2C is an award winning architecture firm with a national presence and a vision of ‘inspiring ideas to enhance human experience’. The firm employs over 100 staff and predominantly works on retail, urban planning, and commercial projects as well as mix-use developments.

construction documentation


The Challenge

i2C is a large firm that works on projects across Australia. One of the challenges that it faces is being able to resource up for when they win a large project and then also effectively manage expenses in between projects or during lulls in the industry brought on by tightening economic conditions.

In the past, this scenario has required costly and extensive recruitment drives in a sector that already has a scarcity of talent nationally. Of course, short term resources place extra burden on the HR function: short term contracts, onboarding and training, payroll, additional management, finding extra office space and the cost of infrastructure and IT equipment. All of this comes at additional cost and that’s before the project has even kicked off!


The Solution:

After visiting Away Digital’s Vietnam office, i2C engaged with the team in Vietnam to complete construction documentation and the odd render. Away Digital’s highly experienced and well-qualified team works remotely from their state-of-the-art office in Ho Chi Minh City. From this location they are able to complete all of i2C’s drawings quickly, efficiently and on budget.

i2C’s Project Coordinators work directly with Away Digital’s Melbourne office which is responsible for taking the client brief, managing completion of the brief with the Vietnam Office, ensuring quality and then seeking approval for each project from the client.


The Outcome:

i2C finds the partnership with Away Digital incredibly easy to manage and it allows them to easily resource up and down in line with their workload. The Vietnam team looks after the full gamut of technical documentation including sections, allocations, and floor plans.

The introduction of the Vietnam team to the business was met with some trepidation by local staff. However once the team realised that the outsourced team was there to supplement the existing team the idea has been completely embraced and i2C is benefiting from being able to turn projects around faster and with much better quality control; without the hassle and cost of resourcing local teams up and down.


If you want to learn more about how Away Digital can help you, just like they have helped i2C, then contact us now.

James Moussa
Friday 30th June 2023

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