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Global Partners

Recent BIM technologies have offered architects, engineers contractors and construction firms the ability to collaborate from a single source of truth.


Aidan Wollner
Wednesday 5th December 2018

Working from this single source has greatly enhanced collaboration between project team members regardless of their physical location. These new technologies and ways of working has led AECO companies to deliver projects with partners from all over the world.

Projects of All sizes and types.

Working with global partners enables firms to deliver all sizes and types of projects in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

Avoiding the hassle of engaging staff on a project by project basis, allows key staff to focus on delivering a positive outcome for the firm and its client. A few other benefits of working with global partners:

Get access to skilled expertise.

Working with global partners provides firms with the ability to access skilled personnel they may not have internally or available. Working with companies who have dedicated information modelling and management and construction documentation expertise gives companies the ability to get access to large talented teams. This leads to time-saving re finding contractor or full time staff, reducing training expenses, increase of productivity and enhanced project delivery capability.

Lowering the cost of operation & labour.

Design and construction companies can save money by leveraging the cost savings of working with global partners. Offices and teams based in Australia and other developing countries allow companies to gain access to team leaders with local expertise and knowledge whilst also leveraging the cheaper labour resources in global offices.

A business that follows the sun.

Managing business together across different time zones provides companies the ability of making full use of an extended working day. Having staff working in a variety of schedules means that there will always be someone available to tackle issues or make progress. Companies can benefit from a time shift by saving time and boosting productivity.

Give the competitiveness.

By providing seamless support and better deliverables at a lower price point, global offices allow AECO sector to provide greter value to customers and enables it to gain a competitive advantage. They can deliver great customer experiences as well as reinforce customer relationships.

Away Digital, uses cloud-based BIM technologies together with advanced software and hardware to provide its clients with anywhere, anytime access to project models, improved communication, issue tracking and resolution. Meaning it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the model and answer is always at your finger tips.

We have established efficient business process and digital workflows for our global team to seamlessly collaborate with our clients’ teams. Our teams are experts in their respective fields and once engaged quickly add value to your project team.

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