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Gaming Technology in the Construction Industry

Sometimes it can be challenging to visualise what a new project will look like from plans alone. And if you’re reading this, then you’re probably a construction industry veteran with experience under your belt. Imagine how difficult it must be for your clients and other stakeholders to imagine a new project based on plans alone? It’s no wonder why Gaming Technology in the Construction Industry is becoming more and more prominent.

Gaming Technology is helping to bridge this gap. By utilising the power of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, the platform behind popular video games like Fortnite, Away Digital is able to create interactive photorealistic, digital experiences of residential, commercial and infrastructure projects while they are still in the planning stage. Epic Games’ AEC Manager, Ken Pimental, believes what Away Digital is doing with Unreal Engine has not been done before.


Gaming Technology in the Construction Industry



Away Digital has pushed the level of fidelity, the level of photorealism further than anyone else,

And they’ve done this by using our product’s features like real time ray tracing”.

It gives everyone the opportunity to tour through their project and view the external and internal features of the structure in completeness before it is built.

“We’re starting to realise that you can bring interactive experiences and immersive experiences to customers to drive a higher degree of engagement with stakeholders and clients,”

“By using interactive experiences, people can form emotional attachments to that virtual object.”


Moreover, utilising gaming technology in the construction industry offers four clear benefits that are worth considering:



What Benefits does Gaming Technology in the Construction Industry provide for Designers?


Incorporating gaming technology into the design and construction process allows designers to showcase all their designs in a photo real and interactive environment. It differentiates them in a competitive market and enables effective communication of their vision. By providing digital and interactive experiences, designers can better communicate their visions, reduce costs and increase their chances of securing stakeholder engagement.


Gaming Technology in the Construction Industry


Time and Cost Savings:


The use of gaming technology and virtual tours can result in significant time and cost savings for designers. By enabling stakeholders to visualise and make changes to designs before construction begins, potential errors or design flaws can be identified and addressed early on. This minimises the need for expensive modifications during the actual building process, streamlines the construction timeline, and improves overall project efficiency.



Collaboration and Communication:


Gaming technology facilitates better collaboration and communication among various stakeholders involved in the construction process. Architects, builders, interior designers, and clients can interact within the virtual environment, providing feedback, making modifications, and ensuring everyone is aligned. This collaborative approach improves decision-making, minimises misunderstandings, and leads to smoother project execution.



Sustainability Considerations for Gaming Technology in the Construction Industry:


Incorporating gaming technology supports sustainability efforts in the construction industry. Digital and interactive experiences reduce the need for physical visits to multiple locations, minimising carbon emissions associated with travel. It also reduces the need to rework features during the construction phase. This approach promotes a more sustainable way of showcasing projects.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect further enhancements in gaming technology, such as the integration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences. These immersive technologies have the potential to provide even more realistic and interactive representations of properties, further enhancing customer engagement and decision-making processes. Imagine being able to walk through a digital representation of your future project, seeing it come to life with augmented elements and experiencing its spatial dimensions through virtual reality. These advancements will not only bring greater convenience and accuracy to the design journey but also enable stakeholders to make more informed choices. With the continuous evolution of gaming technology, the construction industry is poised to embrace a new era of immersive experiences that will reshape the way we envision, design, and build.


If you would like to know more about how you can leverage gaming technology in your business then contact us for a chat.

James Moussa
Tuesday 27th June 2023

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