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Effective Collaboration & Communication.

With the continued uptake of BIM and the rapid development of associated technologies, AEC Industry is becoming more efficient, less wasteful and building bigger, smarter and more sophisticated buildings and infrastructure.

Aidan Wollner
Wednesday 19th December 2018

The amount of information and data that is being created and the speed with which it is shared has reached heights that have never been experienced before.

BIM tools and BIM platforms

Due to the improvements in technology, people working in different offices around the globe can now collaborate effectively and efficiently delivering value as one connected team.

BIM tools and BIM platforms are continuously evolving, playing a pivotal role in improving collaboration efforts. One of the latest BIM related revelations is the introduction of the cloud. The cloud has given project stakeholders anywhere, anytime access to project information and consultant and federated models.

By utilising the power of the cloud, consultants can now better collaborate with their own teams, often no longer in the same building, as well as with the other consultants.

Each phase of a project from design to construction to handover and operation can now be effectively managed in the cloud. It ensures efficient task management and easy access to manage, collect, disseminate the graphical model and non-graphical data for the whole project team. leading to better built and operation outcomes.

We have committed to improving our collaboration efforts and providing our clients with greater access to models, information and data by using Revizto and the suite of BIM 360 products . Everyone has noticed the benefits!
Away Digital

Another technological advancement in industry is the BIM Viewer software which also contributes to the improvement the collaborative communication in the AEC Industry. The BIM view provides architects and engineers an effective way to communicate with clients and project managers. Everyone working within the AEC industry, from the salesperson to the construction workers, can exploit the model according to their needs without having to learn Revit or ArchiCAD.

With the ever increasing competition in the market place, companies need to operate as efficiently as possible.  Seemingly simple oversights, missing information, misunderstanding documentation and drawings or being supplied with inaccurate data causes companies and stakeholders to incur additional expenses and experience poor productivity. Leveraging the above technologies and operating from one single source of truth  will greatly assist people to effectively collaborative and turn potential issues into advantages for companies in the AECO sectors.

There is no doubt that collaboration and effective communication has been enhanced by the transformative power of technology. It is suggested that design and construction firms should increase collaboration capabilities to foster continuous projects delivery improvement.

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