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Case Study: with Marque Properties

Marque Properties is a custom home builder based in Melbourne that specialises in luxury home construction. With over 40 years experience in the residential building industry, Marque is known for being at the top of its game when it comes to being as personal and flexible as possible. Read on to learn about our Case Study: Marque Properties.



Case Study: Marque Properties – Challenge


Given that Marque builds custom designed homes, a large part of their business is the drafting team. In the past, Marque has employed 6 or 7 drafting professionals in their head office in Camberwell, Melbourne. Marque could spend up to 4 or 5 years transforming their draftees from excellent to exceptional experts of their trade, only to see them be headhunted by other builders for what was sometimes a $20 000 pay rise. This would then require the business to pay for re-hiring and training new draftsmen, which would be another 5 year investment of time, overheads and cash.


Combine this with the cost of accommodating 7 staff in an office in Camberwell, including parking spaces, OH&S compliance, superannuation, the cost of the office space, internet, electricity etc, and it became apparent that the drafting team was a major cost center.


Marque wanted to make a change and find a way to reduce costs and increase efficiency in this department.



The Solution:


Marque Properties engaged with Away Digital’s drafting team in Vietnam. Away Digital’s highly experienced and well-qualified team works remotely from their state-of-the-art office in Ho Chi Minh City. From this location they are able to complete all of Marque’s drawings quickly, efficiently and on budget.



The Outcome:


Marque Properties could not be happier with the Away Digital partnership.


The Vietnam team quickly and professionally complete the drawings and get them back to the client within the agreed timeframes and they are always 90% on the money! Marque gets them checked, marked up and returned to the drafting team. The drawings are then completed and sent back to Marque.


And to this day, all of Marque’s suppliers, trades and engineers say they’re the best drawings they have ever received. The quality is without question, but also because the Vietnamese Drafting team are employed by Away Digital in Vietnam it is very difficult for Marque’s competitors to poach their team members. And because of the economic arbitrage between Australia and Vietnam, Marque has found a 50% savings on their drafting costs.


If you enjoyed our Case Study with Marque Properties and want to learn more about how Away Digital can help you, then contact us now.

James Moussa
Thursday 22nd June 2023

Case Study: with Marque Properties
Case Study: with Marque Properties